Thursday, December 3, 2009



Crash and smash and dash-up
Slash and Rash and Mash-up
Speeds of sounds floating flotsam and jetsam around the room
darting like poltergeists from some other time
some other place
some other room, what are they doing HERE the people ask?
I'm just trying to get some honest to god sleep, I just want to get some work done in the morning and I really need my sleep!
The singer's voice was never meant to sing on that drumbeat
But the properties of beauty and the properties of man make it so
he can sing as angelically anywhere he wishes
upon the mountaintop
within your computer
and on the drumbeat that was written years ago, thought forgotten
Something falls in the corner of the room, it must be those poltergeists again! Oh so now there's two? Thats what I said to begin with! Why are we fighting with each other there's these things that we don't understand, why aren't we attempting to destroy THOSE?
Because we can't understand

crash slash dash-up
mash gash cheer-up

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