Friday, July 2, 2010

Tryin' This Again.

Tryin' the blog again, yeh yeh, tryin' to poast some writings on here yeh yeh, no editing woop! and here I go, I suppose, it's gonna be messy, disorganized, its gonna be me. I'm important, right?

First and foremost:
Brian Wilson is one of the greatest American songwriters of all time, hands down-I could listen to him croon "Little wah-uuuuuuuunn" all day, and probably will.

Second and foremost: I really respect Rowling and Harry Potter-sometimes I talk some shit, true, but I really do respect what she did for our generation because there is no other book series like that for my age group. I certainly am not a Potter-tard/fanatic whatever you want to call it, but I loved the experience at the time of following them all (yes, I got the last three at the midnight they came out and finished them promptly), and it has this absurd bonding ability between people our age, even, kudos, Rowling, kudos.

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