Saturday, May 2, 2009

Untitled (4/12/09)

I haven't written any songs lately. I'm not sure why. Although real musicians, professionals, put an album out every couple years so I bet its normal. I think it is.
Haha so I ran away from a party this morning. My friend Benny Arnold told me about the party. I had an enlightening experience with the true king of Tucson (west, man) not FofG as some may claim. And Ruby Tuesday was there. I'm saying that from now on. Benny put the moves on Ruby and I was right there and it was fucking ridiculous, man. They're Polar Opposites. Anyway, I walked 4 miles at 5 in the morning listening to "Ruby Tuesday" on repeat. Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday. It felt great but i'm still hung up on her. Oh well. I'm going to take the Force Journal with me to fucking Chicago. It's happening. I've decided. I need a new pen though.
If the plan explodes, so do I and so does the Force journal, its the way it goes. But the plane won't explode. All my pens are dried up. Shit.
Goodnight. As my friend's left arm might say: "So It Goes"

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