Saturday, May 2, 2009

This is a Seperate Story (3/27/09)

I'm in a different place today, I felt it was appropriate. Its very dark, I cannot see the letters and placement of what I am writing . But I bought an Allen Ginsberg poetry anthology today, and I finished On the ROad, and I want to read Visions of Cody, and I want to conquer the world, and shatter the lines that proceed our perceptions and speculate our speculations in the terms of the new generation. Ruby writes. She could be Keroauc. What if she was i'm writing very hard right now. I've got to go to school in 8 hours. I do not mind the smell. Its sensory and feels alright. I'm going to change the music. Hang on I want to go inside actually.
One is good for now. I'll put the other away for later. Why is it so cold?
So i'm inside now but I can't read still because I put the lights out and the Pixies on and my story piece of journal away. I'm a packrat. I keep anyhting that might have some significance to me. and then I cast it away and denounce it. Why. Because?
I messed up the punctuation right there yep yep yep i sent in the line version?
Its fine i'm going to burn that journal paper and let it into the wind hang on.
Ok, done. I almost caught my roof on fire with all the brush on it. Plus its fucking windy out there. But it felt good. To come so close to disaster but get away free. I set it on fire to "Debaser" and it burned to "Gouge Away". Sweet. I should listen to that CD Ruby gave me. So sweet. She probably just wanted to do it for fun. It meant a lot to me. She'll probably never know. Lovely.

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