Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wake Up, Tom Stoppard (Poem; Undated)

Wake Up, Tom Stoppard, show me who's a man
I'm tomorrow, baby, so give me your hand
Things are getting closer and quickly out of focus
Years are running by the longer you know us

I walk up with a pistol and a shoe
Carrying more skeletons than you ever knew
You love me, kiss me, show me your things
You move a bit closer i'll buy you some rings

Writing alone and not getting drunk
Hip-hoppin beats are a ship that suck
The writers reconvene at a table of ivory
Moonlight Sonata sent my existence dying

Hook up, look up, my lonely face
Girls don't want me, I don't even ask for space
Wrap me up in cushions of lace
Drag me nowhere, discover this place

Wake Up, Tom Stoppard, thumbs up man,
The groovy sea houses the groovy van
I'm traveling on the go go , don't know when i'll start,
Ink up my body, warm up my heart.

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