Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hepcats on campus

Hey I ain’t gonna cry no more

Hey I ain’t gonna cry no more

My sweet babe left and my life is a bore

but I swear to you lord I ain’t gonna cry no more

Words is substitution for yer funny kind of tears

And yer cryin onstage in front of yer peers

but that ain’t where I’m at, son,

I’d rather write about it and spin a wordy tale

thats more truth than fiction of course

but regardless

its how I’m gonna roll

And the hep jazzy bros around campus with their boards

and their backwards hats

march two by two like ants, no like mice,

right by the hep artsy fellers who stand around and smoke cigs

lookin cool, straight out of 1994

and they’re so caught up in themselves that they ain’t got the time

to notice the hep older folk trying to wade the river

of youth and hepness that doesn’t even seem appreciative

of all that them older folks gave ‘em

damn kids don’t know shit about hep

Hey! Hep folks! Cross yer river

with a stick! Hey! Hep! Hep! Hooray!

Its all a phony photograph

but that ain’t a scene, baby, that ain’t a problem

because life is but a dream

and life is but a dream

and i know it and you know it that we’re in some fishbowl

thats big and blue and it makes sense! Our planet is big and blue!

Life is a dream, baby, so be hep while you still can!

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