Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sonnet 8

Sonnet 8

Past and Present become one as the final day of escape

is eclipsed in the heat of reality. This is running out,

running in, reality is making a juxtaposition against

the phantasy world I have created where you and I can once

again be natural and real and in love, even though our

paths don’t have to be the same. I wonder if you think

about this kind of stuff. Im in love with the happiness

we had, and I’m in love with the time in my life before

my self-destruction, which now cannot be reversed. Adonis and

Aphrodite have “happiness”, but we had love. I pray to any

God there is I can feel as safe and happy and free as I did

and still do you with you.

I’m a thinker, baby, so why don’t you shoot me?

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