Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ruminations and Return!

Ah! The return to blogspot! I have journals and writings on my computer hard drive and thoughts in my head but I shall post in this format for a day or two until I find it 'useless like I often find recording on the internet. I feel like typing up some recent quotes and readings that I've found beautiful.

From "Rant" by Diane Di Prima
"There is no way out of the spiritual battle
the war is the war against the imagination
you can't sign up as a conscientious objector"

From "Punching a hole in the big lie" by Ann Douglas, on William Burroughs and the Beats
"the Beat movement continues even today, a half century after its inception, sustaining its veterans and attracting new members-those for whom the respectable is synonymous with boredom and terror, if not crime, who regard the ongoing social order as suffocating, unjust, and unreal, who believe that honesty can still be reinvented in a world of lies and that the answers if there are any, lie not in the political realm but in the question for new forms of self expression and creative collaboration across all traditional class, race, and ethnic boundaries"

Rest in peace Jack, Allen, Neal, Bill, Gregory, Herbert, and keep on living the dream Gary, Lawrence, Carolyn i spose and all y'all. Ah, you have made this movement, this movement that inspires the old dying of cancer from a couple more cigarettes than they should have smoked, the old dying of time and age, unable to find the right strain of yage (ive read the yage letters, bill, i know you tried!) or the fountain of youth (de soto you tragic bastard) to achieve the agelessness that humans physically desire, but the movement inspires the immortality of literature, of music, of thought, and thats all we've got be it the end of the world in 4 years or not. The movement, the movement, the movement of the beat, the movement of the rhythm, the movement of the people to the beat of the world, to the beat of life, i see where "beat" comes in now! It ain't about being tired, naw, its about the beat of life, the heartbeat, the pulse of life. The movement inspires the young dying of boredom and insecurity through lack of social change, the movement inspires the young dying of sensory overload, of sensory underload, neither of which is particularly healthy-the beat of the earth and the visions of serenity through chaotic thought is the inspiration i take from it, from chaos is only chaos yet that chaos is beautiful, calm, a contradictory concept that only reflects the oxymoronic chaos the beat of the world IS. The beats the beats im beating im beating! I'm beating so i don't die prematurely of cancer, of sadness, who knows how i'm gonna go but im gonna go when its time to go and that wont be til i beat all up and down this earth, baby, cmon now love, lets beat to the sounds of the war, to the sounds of the forest, to the sounds of peace, its all there waiting! Waiting for beat! Ah!

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